Garth Brooks / Anthology Part 1: First 5 Years 1989-1993 (Limited Edition) (輸入盤CD)【K2017/11/14発売】(ガース・ブルックス)

概要:こちらの商品はメール便でお届け出来ません。2017/11/14 発売輸入盤レーベル:PEARL収録曲:Disc-1: 19891. Not Counting You (Master)2. I've Got A Good Thing Going (Master)3. If Tomorrow Never Comes (Day-Write)4. If Tomorrow Never Comes (Master)5. Everytime That It Rains (Master)6. Alabama Clay (Master)7. Much To Young (To Feel This Damn Old) (First Take)8. Much To Young (To Feel This Damn Old) (Master)9. Cowboy Bill (Master)10. The Dance (Tony Arata Day-Write)11. The Dance (Master)Disc-2: 19901. The Thunder Rolls (Day-Write)2. The Thunder Rolls (Master)3. Two Of A Kind, Workin' On A Full House (Master)4. Victim Of The Game (Master)5. Unanswered Prayers (Day-Write)6. Unanswered Prayers (Master)7. Same Old Story (Tony Arata Day-Write)8. Same Old Story (Master)9. Which One Of Them (Demo)10. Which One Of Them (Master)Disc-3: 19911. Against The Wind (Master)2. Miss Rodeo (Joanne Stephen Demo)3. Rodeo (Master)4. What She's Doing Now (Day-Write)5. What She's Doing Now (Master)6. Burning Bridges (Master)7. Shameless (Master)8. We Bury The Hatchet (Master)9. In Lonesome Dove (Master)10. The River (Demo)11. The River (Master)Disc-4: 19921. Sometimes You Need The Rain (Demo)2. Somewhere Other Than The Night (Master)3. Mr. Right (Demo)4. Mr. Right (Master)5. Dixie Chicken (Master)6. That Summer (First Take)7. That Summer (Master)8. Night Rider's Lament (Master)9. Face To Face (Tony Arata Day-Write)10. Face To Face (Master)Disc-5: 19931. Standing Outside The Fire (Master)2. One Night A Day (Master)3. Kickin' And Screamin' (Tony Arata Day-Write)4. Kickin' And Screamin' (Master)5. The Red Strokes (Master)6. Leon (Demo)7. Tomorrow And Today (Demo)8. I Guess You Had To Be There (Trisha Yearwood Demo)9. Like We Never Had A Broken Heart (Day-Write)10. The Cowboy Song (Master)(ガースブルックス)