ロック・ポップ・ボンジョビ 洋楽CD MixCD 90s Rock n Pop -Hyped Up Official Mix- / DJ Oggy[M便 2/12]mixcd24 【MixCD24】 音楽cd ドライブ おすすめ BGM


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概要: Nirvana 、U2、Bon Jovi、Red Hot Chili Peppers、Green Day、Oasis、Cyndi Lauperなどなど、Rockで外す事の出来ないアーティストばかり収録!!!!!! TVやCM、映画の挿入歌などで一度は耳にしたことのある王道Rockから、HIP HOPのSamplingに使用された曲やHIP HOPに通じるアーティストの曲、隠れた名曲などを収録したまさにベストな1枚!!!とにかくテンション上げたい時はこの1枚で決まり!!!入荷日:2017/02/22再入荷:----/--/--発売国:JPN仕様:プレスCD、ジュエルケース(厚さ10mm)収録時間:76分1. Blink 182 / All The Small Things (Hyped Up Cuts) (1999)2. Rancid / Ruby Soho (Hyped Up Re-Mastered) (1995)3. NOFX / Bob (Hyped Up Club Cuts) (1992)4. Pixies / Here Comes Your Man (Hyped Up Re-Cuts) (1998)5. U2 / Even Better Than The Real Thing (Hyped Up Re-Mastered) (1992)6. Blur / Song 2 (Hyped Up Re-Cuts) (1997)7. NOFX / Stickin’ In My Eye (Hyped Up Club Cuts) (1992)8. The Offspring / All I Want (Hyped Up Re-Mix) (1997)9. Green Day / Basket Case (Hyped Up Re-Edits) (1994)10.Face To Face / Disconnected (Ocean Park Club Cuts) (1992)11.Blink 182 / Josie (MORE FIRE Edits) (1998)12.The Offspring / The Kids Aren't Alright (Hyped Up Best Cuts) (1999)13.Lit / My Own Worst Enemy (Ocean Park Edits) (1997)14.Nirvana / Smells Like Teen Spirit (Hyped Up Re-Work) (1991)15.Nirvana / Sliver (Brand Wood Cuts) (1991)16.Rancid / Time Bomb (Hyped Up Re-Edits) (1995)17.Green Day / Welcome To Paradise (Heavy Rotations Edits) (1994)18.The Bouncing Souls / Kate Is Great (Hyped Up Club Edits) (1997)19.Bad Religion / American Jesus (Hyped Up Re-Cuts) (1993)20.Sublime / Wrong Way (Heavy Rotations Cuts) (1997)21.Bon Jovi / I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (Hyped Up Exclusive Cuts) (1993)22.Weezer / Buddy Holly (Ocean Park Club Cuts) (1995)23.Radiohead / Pop Is Dead (Hyped Up Re-Edits) (1993)24.Red Hot Chili Peppers / Love Rollercoaster (Ocean Park Club Cuts) (1996)25.Cyndi Lauper / Hey Now (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun) (Hyped Up Re-Work) (1994)26.U2 / Stay (Faraway, So Close) (Hyped Up Club Cuts) (1993)27.Green Day / Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) (Hyped Up Club Cuts) (1998)28.The Stone Roses / Love Spreads (Hyped Up Re-Work) (1994)29.Oasis / Stand By Me (Hyped Up Re-Mix) (1997)30.Blur / End Of A Century (Hyped Up Re-Live Cuts) (1999)▼スタッフ厳選!こちらをご購入の方はこちら!▼\▼コチラもオススメ▼/\▼関連Mix▼/id_oggy_90s:id_rrock:id_around30:0